Sweet hakea seed pod
Sweet Hakea treeSweet Hakea
Sweet Hakea

This Australian native is well adapted to the sea coast and needs no dry season water once established. Sweet Hakea looks like a small pine bush - but will stop at a manageable size of about 20 feet. Fast growing and evergreen, this is a great SHRUB for filling an odd spot that the hose does not reach.

Small fragrant white flowers clusters generally appear in the fall and winter. Small seed pods develop after flowering. Easily pruned to a tree form — or left to be a large flowing shrub. If fertilizers are used, avoid those products high in phosphorus as they can kill the shrub. Sweet Hakea does not really need to be fertilized anyway.

The pine-like needles are very sharp. Care should be taken when pruning to protect eyes and skin. Perhaps better planted away from heavy traffic areas like the sidewalk! Conversely, dense growth and sharp needles would make a very good protective hedge.


Maximum height
10-20 feet tall & wide

Life Span
60 + years

Criteria for Ranking

1 (low) - 5 (high)

Drought Tolerance after first year establishment 5
Wind Tolerance 4*
Frost Tolerance 5
Surface Roots/Sidewalk Lifting 5
Power Lines Proximity

5 (good choice)
Cost/Maintenance 4*
Disease Resistance/Hardiness 5
*note asterisk denote species will be shaped by a prevailing wind. Single trunk trained trees need more protection than multi-trunk to grow straight. Hedges will be more wind tolerant in prevailing winds.
*note asterisk denote species will need pruning maintenance if a tree form is desired.

Location Sweet Hakea tree visible on Begonia Circle by city empty lot/drainage pit.