Eucaluptus polyanthemos
eucalyptus polyanthemos
eucalyptus polyanthemos

This eucalyptus is a good specimen tree with its trailing silver foliage and upright habit. The Silver Dollar eucalyptus is very drought tolerant once established and can do quite well on seasonal rains alone. This variety of eucalyptus gets tall, although some owners are willing to trim this tree to asmaller size. If you are not interested in constant maintenance of this type, plant it where it can have enough head room. See image below - this tree needs to be trimmed yearly to keep it out of the power line. NOT RECOMMENDED NEAR POWER LINES.

Juvenile leaves have roundish silvery leaves - hence the name Silver Dollar Eucalyptus. Harvested immature boughs are recognizible in many floral arrangements. Mature leaves become gray green and lance shaped. Trees have soothing fluttery leaf wind movement and rustling sound. Small white flowers and tiny seed pods form in early spring.

Maximum height
30-75 feet
15-45 feet wide

Life Span
100+ years

Criteria for Ranking

1 (low) - 5 (high)

Drought Tolerance after first year establishment 5
Wind Tolerance 4
Frost Tolerance 5
Surface Roots/Sidewalk Lifting 3*
Power Lines Proximity

Cost/Maintenance 4*
Disease Resistance/Hardiness 4
*note asterisk denote species can get large enough to tangle in power lines - not recommended under power lines (see image left)
*note asterisk denote species can lift pavement as tree gets larger over time.
*note asterisk denote species can be a maintenance issue because of leaves and capsule drop although much less than other varieties of eucalyptus.
Location Several trees are on Vista Del Camino in the parking lot by the New Tokyo restaurant (and behind the building in the alley way). There are silver dollar eucalyptus on Del Monte avenue in the median and by Furniture Mart.