Acacia salicinaAcacia salacina
Acacia melanoxylon

This is an attractive and well behaved acacia that should be used more in the local landscaping. Willow acacia is evergreen and has a slight willow like droop to its branches. Generally upright and single trunked with narrow gray-green leaves approximately 3 inches long. The bark is light gray and the acacia produces fluffy yellow flowers followed by a large crop of seed pods. The abundant production of flowers and seed pods makes for extensive litter that may be undesirable in some locations!

This acacia appears on many street tree lists such as in Arizona. There are specimens reported growing well in Carmel.

This acacia is fast growing - over 3 feet a year and can tolerate a wide range of poor soils. It is a nitrogen fixing plant, so it generally creates its own nutrient in the roots. Because of its fast growth its roots may not be able to support the heavy top growth. This tree is best staked for the first year and given good deep watering to establish strong roots. It has been reported to be low maintenence with light pruning for shaping and thining for wind in the crown.

Maximum height
20-40 feet tall &
15-20 wide

Life Span
40 + years

Criteria for Ranking

1 (low) - 5 (high)

Drought Tolerance after first year establishment 5
Wind Tolerance 5*
Frost Tolerance 5
Surface Roots/Sidewalk Lifting 5*
Power Lines Proximity

Cost/Maintenance 5
Disease Resistance/Hardiness 5
*note asterisk denote species will be shaped by a prevailing wind. Single trunk trained trees need more protection than multitrunk to grow straight. Will grow in broad umbrella form in the wind.
*note asterisk denote species needs good deep watering to establish roots to support rapid top growth.
*note asterisk denote species grows fast and should not be planted under power lines.

Location None known locally.