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How it all started...

In 1994 the City of Marina Tree Committee began planting areas in the city of Marina as part of a city wide beautification campaign. Many volunteers from our community have participated in planting trees over the years. The Marina Tree and Garden Club adopted and contined planting the greenbelt in 2006. Below is an accounting of the Tree Committee and the Club efforts in establishing and caring for trees in the City of Marina.

All trees, seedlings, seeds, planting materials, and drip systems are provided for from club funds collected from the Marina Tree and Garden Club Garden Tour tickets sales and raffle. All planning, installation, maintenance and care comes from volunteers willing to get dirty for a few hours a year. Check the calendar for current dates, locations and planting times.

There are about 60 percolation ponds in the city of Marina that handle storm rain runoff. Many of these sites consist of a chain link fence and a weedy lot with a sandy pit in the center. With the blessing of the city, the club has been planting native buckeyes and coastal oak acorns with the goal of creating more tree areas within the city. Some of these lots are marked for future development by the city.

Today, many of the small seedlings have grown into trees and the club continues to plant more public areas. Unfortunately, not every acorn, seedling or tree planted makes it through the first few critical years. There have challenges with drip systems, mishaps with weedwhackers and misinformed tree trimmers, winter freezes, vandalism, and attrition. For these reasons, our tree planting campaign will continue in the city of Marina. Hwy 1 Trees

Hwy 1 trees


Hwy 1 Trees

Hwy 1 Trees

Locations of tree planting events:

graphics: Juli Hofmann