Marina Tree and Garden Club

MTGC Perc Pond Project

This perc pond garden has numerous coastal hardy native plants that are just getting started. In a few years the fence will be covered by growing shrubs.
photo by Kerry T. Smith


Create a garden in your Marina Neighborhood Perc Pond

Do you have a Percolation Pond in your neighborhood that you would like to see visually improved? Our City has many neighborhood percolation pond areas that function to catch and direct rain runoff back into the soil. They often have a surrounding chain link fence and a gate. These are generally City owned properties that have contracted labor to remove weeds once a year. Most residents agree that these areas could look better. For residents interested in adopting their local perc pond the Marina Tree and Garden Club (MT&GC), with support from the City of Marina, has developed a program to help.

Perc Pond Garden Program
The program applies only to the planting areas in front of the chain link fences that are visible in many neighborhoods. Access to interior areas are prohibited for safety reasons. The club will provide hardy native plants selected for the location and will help organize volunteers for the initial installation. Neighbors, family and/or friends must participate and to continue care for the planting into the future.

Native plants are recommended
Why are native plants recommended to use in your Perc Pond? Although there are other ornamental plants that might be suitable for the challenging conditions of the perc ponds, our native species will provide the “best bang for the buck.” Think of the perc pond areas as a potential attractive green spaces that will not only feed birds, insects and wildlife, but inprove the street view, provide seasonal color, and promote community pride. We strongly recommend fall planting to give our natives the best start to establish through winter rains.

The MT&GC would like to promote the use of our showiest and hardiest natives in more areas of the city. Our club will provide plant and design expertise, and, help purchase recommended native plants for those neighborhood leaders that have adopted perc ponds.  

A community perc pond garden should be an evolving process that looks cared for. It is not necessary to install a complete garden in one weekend! A garden is an ongoing process. The City will provide a sign that the landscaped area is a designated Percolation Pond Garden. With this sign in place, the City will only maintain the area inside the fence of the perc pond. The City will not be responsible for any maintenance of the resident landscaped area. It will be the responsibility of the adopting residents to water and weed the landscaped area to keep the garden looking good.

design and illustration by Kerry T. Smith


City residents interested in adopting their local perc pond, can coordinate with the Club Member-at-large Perc Pond project director by sending an email to

download brochure describing the project here


Not a full California native garden, but certainly pollinator friendly!
photo by Kerry T. Smith