Marina Tree and Garden Club

MTGC in the Garden

Perc Pond Project

Interested in creating a native garden green space along the front of an existing neighborhood Perc Pond? The City of Marina and the Marina Tree and Garden Club have developed a program for residents that would like to make a difference. Find out more!

Owl Box at Locke Paddon

Owl Box at the Marina Library

December 27, 2019 saw the installation of an owl box at Locke Paddon Wetlands Park behind the Marina Library. Rebecca Dmytryk and Duane Titus of Humane Wildlife Control handled the installation of the owl box. Rebecca has kindly shared the Owl Box Plan for download.

Goodwill Garden

The Goodwill Garden Project

The Goodwill Garden is no longer active. It was located on Imjin Blvd. in Marina. Participating agencies included Marina Tree and Garden Club, HOPE Services, the Veterans Transition Center, The Shoreline Culinary Services Program, Community Hospital Wellness Program, and Everyone's Harvest.

link to Pam Pierce's "Planting for Foggy Areas of San Francisco and Coastal San Mateo" Planting chart

Ken Gray Memorial Tree

The Hillcrest Native Plant Garden

This garden was created to provide a welcome respite and green space for the Ken Gray Memorial Tree and Bench. View photos, plans and plant list for this project. Article in the Monterey County Weekly

Cypress Trees

Tree Planting in Marina Legacy Campaign

Maps and listings of legacy tree committee planting sites throughout the city of Marina. Who knew there were so many?


Other Club Projects of Interest

Live Oak

Marina Suggested Tree List

Need some guidance selecting a tree for your Marina backyard?
Visit this suggested list of trees that grow well in Marina with images and criteria for ranking.

Myoporum Thrip PC

Myoporum Thrip Outreach and Education

Get more information about this invasive pest that is affecting myoporum trees in California!


Fog Catcher at the Shoreline Food Garden

CSUMB student Sarah Nolan installed a working fog catcher at the Goodwill Food Garden at Imjin Blvd in Marina May 14, 2014. The fog catcher can be viewed on site at Goodwill or visit the website capstone project on water sustainability and fog catchers.

Straw Bale Demo

Photos: Juli Hofmann

Straw Bale Gardening

Learn about Straw Bale Gardening from club hosted events at the Goodwill Garden.


Dendromecon harfordii

Photos: Juli Hofmann

Marina Coast Water Wellsite

Find a comprehensive list of the hardy native plants that can be found at the Marina Coast Water Management District Wellsite at Reservation and Salinas street!